Monday, 6 July 2015

Stencils! A New Form Of Art

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to speak to you today about "Stencils".

Over the years I have used stencils in lots of different ways.
As well as being an Artist, I am also a Long Arm Quilter. Now
does that mean that I have extra long arms? No. It is the name of
type of machine we use to quilt with. Long Arm Quilting Machine.

These machines sit across a long table, on rails and can be manoeuvred
in all directions. The Quilter can stitch right through the three layers,
quilt top, batting and quilt back, creating a Quilt. This can be done
by using straight lines or stitching patterns.

An example of how a quilt can 
be quilted.

The other way it can be done is
by using the custom approach.
Which is where the "artist" is
allowed to come out in the Quilter.

We can free hand designs or use
stencils in chalk and then stitch
over them, creating a beautiful
pattern that not only enhances the
quilt but also holds it together
as well.

I have been using stencils for over 14 years this way and have always loved
their versatility. I only really started considering their use in my paintings
a few years ago. They have been used for some time now in mixed media, 
scrapbooking, street art and art journalling but not so much in actual paintings.

There is a bit of a prejudice out there declaring that "stencils" are not really
"Art". That they are cheating and should be left to the scrapbookers. In my
opinion that is rubbish. Art can take on all forms and there should be no rules
dictating what is allowed to be used in your paintings to create a visually
wonderful painting. To me experimenting and evolving is what makes a 
true artist !

Lots of Artists are discovering just what a wonderful tool stencils are, to add
interest and intrigue to their work. What I love about them, is that they are
enabling people who feel they can't draw, or are not artistic to be able to
create gorgeous paintings.

And what is really exciting, is that the Stencil manufacturers are now coming up
with a fantastic array of different images and really creative takes on the "stencil". 
Gone is the stereo type of stencil that looks stiff and contrived. Now
you have to look twice at a painting to see whether a stencil has been used or not.

In the hands of a clever artesian a stencil can become really exciting!!

So why not give stencils a go?

You can have a play at home or join us in the Serendipity Intuitive Art E-Course
which commences 22nd August 2015.  In this 5 week course you can follow me 
along while I create a gorgeous big painting from start to finish. The course is
full of content and lots of HD videos. 
It will be accessible until the end of January 2016.

For more info on the course you can visit this Link below.

Bye for now!!

And remember, I am very happy for you to answer any questions you may have