Thursday, 2 January 2014


Hi Everyone! 

Wow! What a year ! 2013
The year started off with me hobbling around on what I thought was a sprained ankle.
It turned out it was broken? That was why it took so long to get better!
I still managed to teach the Pelican Workshop in January though.
Soldier on is my motto! On reflection.... this can be stupid!

Looking back I have had a very productive 2013!
Evening classes and my one day workshops throughout the year being very successful!
So much so that I have repeated a couple of themes, such as the Koi Fish and The Lorikeets!

 We painted Chooks, Blue Wrens, Emus, Pelicans and Owls and a whole lot more!

 I myself was a student at a couple of workshops this year!
In June I attended Tracy Verdugo's Paint Mojo 2 day workshop!
This workshop introduced me to Golden Fluid Acrylics! 
I have now fallen in love with these paints!

Then late June I trekked up to Maryborough Queensland to attend a 5 day workshop with Jenni Kelly!
I always have a fabulous time when I go up there and love catching up with Jenni and a couple of other Artists who also go every year. It is always a very productive workshop!

I was quite pleased to see my painting "The Market"was published in the October Australian Artist, in an article about the workshops up in Maryborough.

Then in September "Animal Voices" the Wisdom card deck I did the artwork and Chip Richards did the writing for, was finally released through Blue Angel Publishing. It was very exciting! 

If you haven't purchased a set yet, and would like a signed copy you can visit my website

Late October I did Flora Bowley's online course! Very inspiring!
She is also an advocate for Golden Fluid Paints!

In November I introduced my new workshop "Serendipity" Intuitive!
My backgrounds have always been abstract and very intuitive. 
But I have then painted my detailed Animal or Birds on the backgrounds.
I have discovered how much I love treating the whole painting as intuitive.
Just letting what wants to discovered evolve through the layers. This is also a lovely technique to teach as it has no rules or predetermined outcome. The Student can just play and allow their own creativity to go where it wants to. Everyones painting is individual!

What we discovered in that first "Serendipity" workshop that some of the students wanted to stop at the abstract stage of the layers. Their paintings were gorgeous and vibrant as they were. No need to go on and pull out what lies within.... 

That is now a subsequent Workshop for those who do want to take it further.
It will be called "Beyond The Veil".

"Serendipity" Workshops are planned for Feb (FULL) and March 2014

In Mid November I began my personal journey into the healing realms of Reiki

I completed my Reiki 1 on the 23rd November.
That is me in the front second in from the right. 
I am looking forward to continuing with my Reiki 2 early 2014.

So here we are all the way into December 2013! 
Busy time of year... I had so much planned to cram in!
Then silly me! Fell out of our fairly high bed on the 7th Dec.
No, I was not inebriated! Quite sober in fact ... not sure how it happened?
I woke up on the floor feeling very sore!
Stuffed up my poor old back!
So, yes I spent Xmas 2013 hobbling around just like I did Xmas 2012 with my broken ankle.
This time I tried to be sensible and not "soldier" on. Sara, my daughter informed that it was indeed the Universe telling me to "slow down"... so I sort of did?

We had a wonderful Xmas with my kids and loved having them come down and stay over the break. 

I hope you and your Families all had a lovely Xmas and New Year celebrations!

Looking forward to keeping in touch with you all throughout 2014!
Bye for now!
Love Susan xx