Thursday, 21 June 2018

Serendipity Art E-Course is now self paced!!

Hi Everyone, 

Just letting you know the exciting news that the Serendipity Art E-Course is now self paced. Which means you can register at any time with 6 months access. This course has been shared by over a 100 students from all over the world and had excellent Reviews.

This workshop is empowering and inspiring! Enabling women to tap into their creative potential. Beginners are welcome!


Sunday, 3 September 2017

Making a Difference !!


It has been quite a while since I wrote a Blog. How life flies by!!

We have just got back from a lovely break in Bali. It truly
is the perfect place to unwind and recalibrate. 

Looking back over the last few years I realise that I have 
been blessed to have to inspired so many others to step into their 
creative potential. Beautiful souls who have never believed that
they could paint something amazing. I am forever grateful to
watch their transformation unfold.

The "Serendipity" has changed and evolved along the way.
It is a technique that doesn't involve any drawing.
Stencils and layering of translucent paints are the key.
Beautiful colours and the pride and satisfaction of creating 
your own piece is not only rewarding but it can be "healing" as well.

I have now shared the "Serendipity" with 100's of souls from all over the world
through the Serendipity E-Course and of course also here in Australia via my 
Live Workshops. Students tell me that it has changed their lives. Opening
up a whole new world of colour and creativity that they have never 
imagined they could achieve. Their own "Masterpiece"!!

Here are a couple of Testimonials from past students.

"Taking part in Susan's Serendipity Workshop was truly healing experience for me..
I feel like she gave me back a piece of my soul and I am eternally grateful for her 
wonderful support and encouragement. If only every art teacher in the world were 
like Susan! I highly recommend Susan's Serendipity Workshop to anyone who wants to 
get in touch with their intuitive self...it is a truly beautiful and grounding experience." 

I found a profound sense of peace and inspiration in Susan's Serendipity Workshop.
I am not a particularly "arty" person but I found Susan's energy and ideas positively 
contagious. I loved my session so much I am doing more. 
I have caught the creativity bug from Susan ! 
I am very glad I met you Susan- you are a very inspiring person"

The Serendipity is not just an Art technique. It is a journey......
A little bit like life. We start off just playing, and then layer by layer we
start to put down our "Intentions". Like a Vision Board.
Writing down our intentions is a very powerful tool. They don't
have be actual words. It can just be images or shapes.. something
personal that means something to you.

In subsequent layers these intentions may disappear, but they are already 
and set, and you know they are there. Your painting may be just abstract
or it could have a "Theme". It maybe a Garden? Or a Lotus Pond?

Sometimes a long the way, you may get blocked and feel lost.
This is normal.... it is in the breakthrough that the healing and
self belief takes place. I am sure many of you can relate ;)

"Fly Free" is the serendipity by-line.
And I believe that it definitely can set you Free!!!

The next Serendipity Intuitive Art E-Course commences on the 9th September 2017

For those of you who would like to experience the Live Workshop
I have a Serendipity Art Workshop here in Mornington in January 2018

Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016 Year in Review and a GIVEAWAY!!

Hi Everyone!!!

I hope you have all had a Merry Christmas with your Family and Loved ones!! I know I did. We are experiencing a bit of a heat wave here in Melbourne Australia. I know my friends from the other side of the World are enjoying snow and snuggling in front of the fire. It really is a weird and wonderful World.

I thought I would write my final blog for 2016, and offer a 
special GIVEAWAY to welcome in 2017!

I love to choose an inspirational word for the New Year. Something to set my intention for the Year. For those of you who have done workshops, you will know that is such an important manifestation tool!

My WORD for 2017 is "ADVENTURE"!!!

Now..... I would love to hear what your word for 2017 is?
If you comment below on this Blog you will go into the draw to win a
50cm x 50cm Art Print of my Chakra Tree of Life painting.(Below)

The Winner will be announced on the 2nd January 2017.
Remember you need to comment here below,on the Blog,
not Facebook, to go into the Draw.

Now 2016 in Review!!!

I started off the year with the Serendipity Intuitive Art E-Course
Another lovely group of Girls from all around the Globe.
There were Live Workshops as well, every month!! 

I turned 60 in March!!!! What a milestone!!

We went out for a lovely Dinner!!

I especially loved my time travelling and teaching up North, to 
Ocean Shores (NSW) and Noosaville ( pictured) in March.

Wonderful times spent with my Family!! Mothers Day in May.

"Beyond The Veil" Melbourne in July

This year I introduced my Sacred Place Workshops. 

The Goddess Workshop In Melbourne in July 

The Buddha/Sacred Symbols Workshop in Mornington in August

Then I treated myself to something really special. I have been a long 
time fan of Tracey Verdugo, and when a cancellation spot came up 
in her Bali Sacred Marks Retreat in September,I snapped it up. Such a 
wonderful time and I will treasure the memories forever. I met some 
lovely girls from all around the Globe!! 

And of course one of my highlights was hugging this little Elephant!!!

In September I ran the Serendipity Intuitive Art E-Course again
with another group of amazing students!!

Then October we flew up to the N.S.W Central Coast and I shared the Serendipity with another lovely group of Ladies!!

I also have my Magical Acrylics Thursday Evening group who I teach 
throughout the year. 

Quirky Emu was one of our themes!!

I didn't teach any Workshops in November and December as I have been preparing the content for the Chakra Tree of Life E-Course which 
launches on the 7th January 2017.

Still time to join us!! To REGISTER please click the LINK

So wow!! That sure was a busy year!! 
I am really looking forward to what 2017 has in store....
Lots more "ADVENTURES"!! :)

Now don't forget to go into the Draw for the 
Chakra Tree of Life Art Print,

Please Share with us below in the Comment section 
what your word for 2017 is ? 

Why not do a little meditation and see what
word pops into your head?

Wishing you all a Happy New year!!!!

See you in 2017!!

Love To You All !!

Susan xx

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Chakra Tree of Life Intuitive Art E-Course

Hi Everyone, 

Just letting you all know that I have created a new E-Course based on my 
2 day Chakra Tree of Life Workshop. Like the Serendipity, it will be fed 
out over 5 weeks with access available for 6 months from the commencement 
date. It has lots of videos and step by step instruction to demonstrate how
 to create your own gorgeous Tree of Life painting.

I also share some basic history of the chakras and their wonderful 
healing and balancing attributes.I have taught the actual 2 day workshop
 the E-course is based on, many times here in my local studio and also in 
Adelaide and Brisbane. It has been received extremely well and that is why 
I have decided to make it available as an E-Course which can now be 
shared both interstate as well as internationally. 

Here is Annette and her daughter Leonie, with their gorgeous 
paintings from one of the workshops.

The Chakra Tree of Life E-Course commences on Saturday the 
7th January 2017 with access until the end of June 2017. 
The Early Bird price of $240AUD opens on the 14th November 2016 
and is available until the 28th November. The Normal price is $285.

So if this sounds like something you would like to do I would love
 to have you join us!

Love Susan 

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Bali Dreaming!!

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would tell you all about the wonderful Art Retreat I have recently returned 
from. Tracy Verdugo's Sacred Marks Bali Art Retreat!

Some of you may be aware that I turned 60 earlier this year. Yes a milestone birthday and
 yes I did have a bit of a wobbly over it. So much so, that when my lovely husband, Jack 
asked how I would like to celebrate my birthday, I said I didn't really want to do anything
 much, except maybe a Family dinner with my kids? Which we did, but I did think to 
myself I really should be doing something special and unique before the year ended. That 
was late March.

So when I saw a post from Tracy in June to say she had a cancellation in the September 
Retreat. I knew that was the ideal way to celebrate my birthday milestone!! Jack said "Go 
for it"! I had never been to Bali before and I had felt it calling to me for the last couple of 
years. The Universe letting me know that the timing was perfect. So I didn't hesitate. 

The countdown began.... I didn't have a current Passport, so off I went to organise that. 
Boy! They aren't cheap, I had better make sure I do lots more travelling... Good Excuse 

Come September, I was on the plane. A little nervous travelling internationally on my own,
but still really excited. My Brother and his wife travel to Bali all the time, and they had 
given me heaps of tips and advice, so I wasn't completely clueless. Lots of queues and 
customs. I even bumped into one of my students on the plane! Ha! Ha! Small world isn't 
it? The six hour flight went by quite quickly. 

More queues and bang, I was leaving Denpasar Airport and stepping out into the heat 
and humidity. Drivers holding up signs with an ocean of names. I really never thought 
I would see mine, but there it finally was.. right at the end of the line. It was a relief to 
see it. So my taxi driver loaded me and my luggage into his mini bus and off we went. 

Those of you who have been lucky enough to have already been to Bali will be familiar 
with the traffic. It seems to consist of Mini Buses, taxis and scooters, on mass. I swear 
at the first roundabout, there would have been 100 scooters. All weaving in and out of 
the traffic. They seem to have a collective consciousness. A dance between the cars and 
the scooters although they are all in perfect sinc with each other. It was both mesmerising 
and horrifying at the same time. I closed my eyes several times because I thought a 
scooter was about to be squashed. So much to see and take in, it is funny to say, I sort 
of had a little anxiety attack.

I was happy to find that where our retreat was, in Sanur, it is lovely and quiet in 
comparison to Denpasar.  I was dropped off at the Villas and shown to my room. The 
Sanur Beach Villas are really a boutique accommodation with only enough room  for 
Tracy and her Students. Which meant we had the place to ourselves which was fabulous! 

Bird baths full of flowers grace the Garden beds.

The entrance to Sanur Beach Villas

The view from our Villa

The Sacred Marks Retreat was held over 8 days. We had 12 girls in the September
group. Girls from the UK, US, Canada and Australia. It was so lovely meeting all
these gorgeous women from all around the world. By the end of the retreat we were
all well and truly bonded! 

Our Day One was spent travelling up to Ubud, which is up in the hills amongst the 
rice fields. It is known as Bali's spiritual centre. The scenery on the trip was just 
beautiful. Once we arrived we discovered this beautiful Lotus pond. My inspiration
for my first painting.

We shopped until we dropped!!

Day Two was our first day of painting. How wonderful was painting by the pool!

Yes that is me in the blue! 

This was my my painting by the end of the day. Many layers still to go. I did enjoy
painting with inks for the first time. 

Inspirational group session

Day Three morning was Cooking School. The Sanur Beach Villas is also home of the 
Bamboo Shoots Cooking School. Irma and her team, guide their students through preparing and cooking several dishes. Then of course you get to eat them. I am not a great lover of cooking and I was keen to do more painting, so I opted not to join in. Big mistake I think, 
but I did get to eat some of the lovely food they made.

Day Four was another day of painting.

Day Five was our trip to the Elephant Sanctuary up near Ubud. This was an absolute 
highlight! You all know how much I love Elephants and to see them and touch them 
was just wonderful. 

That trunk weighed a ton. 

There was a ceremonial day on the Wednesday and many homes had
these gorgeous decorative banners displayed in honour of the celebration 
between good and evil. On our trip up to the Sanctuary we stopped to take 

A photo with Tracy 

Day Six was Saturday! More painting! 

In the end some of us opted to paint on our Villa verandas. 

Painting one nearly finished!

Day Seven was our final day of painting. Of course I did have to paint an Elephant.

Still lots more to do

Our Final Group Dinner!! Boy the time went so fast!!

And here we are on the last morning with our paintings!! Aren't they all wonderful?
Thank you so much Tracy for being so inspirational.

I must say I had an absolutely fabulous time. I really enjoyed exploring inks and Tracy's
other layering techniques. Being able to treat myself to another Teacher's workshop
whom I have admired for years, as well as incorporate a trip to Bali, has well and truly
made my 60th Year memorable!!

If anyone is "thinking" about doing Tracy's Sacred Marks Bali Retreat in 2017, I highly
recommend it!! 

"Tempat Suci" (Sacred Place)

"Gajah dan Bayi" ( Elephant and Baby)

Special thanks to some of the other girls and Tracy for sharing some of their images.

Guess what? I have already booked flights back to Bali in August next year!
Jack is coming this time!!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tapping into the Field of Universal Consciousness

I was pondering on this thought recently. The theory that every living creature shares a connection to the universal consciousness. Which should mean that we all have unlimited potential. We just have to learn how to tap into it.

As my own creative journey evolves and twists and turns, I have noticed time and time again that other Artists and Teachers, are on very similar paths. We seem to share the same thoughts and ideas which is quite amazing. We are sometimes surprised that someone else paints or says exactly what we have just channelled. We can be on different sides of the World with no connection but we have still shared that same thought or idea.

How does that happen? Is it just coincidental? I don't think so. Recently I read Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Big Magic". In it she describes the same concept. That there is a universal consciousness that we all have the ability to tap into.

So how do you learn to tap into this consciousness? 

I know! That old word!

But if we do trust and believe that this is possible , then we open up to the possibility. To connect to that consciousness we will need to let ourselves become a channel. Learning to channel when we paint can be difficult. Our brain keeps interrupting with what it wants you to paint rather than "going with the flow" as the wonderful Artist Flora Bowley is famous for teaching. We need to lose ourselves into our paintings and in this way we really can connect to that universal consciousness. 

This can take practise and I must admit that I also have to remind myself to stop trying to control my creations and just let them happen. My best paintings are the ones where I have completely lost myself in the process. You can start with something in mind if it helps but in the end you just have to be prepared to let the painting evolve into what ever direction it wants to.

Realistically you may get blocked along the way. Our old Monkey brain will skip around and play games with our consciousness. Thats quite okay. Recognise what is happening and take a break. 

Of course there are ways to still our minds and become open to that channel again. We could meditate, do yoga or just practise something else that relaxes our minds. We could even 
"Dance like no one is watching" or maybe just go for a walk.

Channelling, like painting takes practise. Don't force it, just let it happen in your own time.
Remember to have fun and just relax. 

Happy painting!! 
Love Susan xx

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

New Workshops

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would update you on the workshops I have planned through to August 2016.

We are well into the year now and I have already run four Intuitive Workshops. We went up to QLD and

Northern NSW in March where I taught two weekend workshops. One in Ocean Shores NSW and one in

Noosaville. Lots of beautiful paintings were created! We all had a wonderful time, although it was

unseasonably humid and it did take a bit of acclimatising. We had a lovely break between the workshops

 up in Noosaville. I think it maybe my favourite place now, and the venue at Wallace House was perfect.

Here are the Noosaville Girls with their gorgeous paintings! 

Just this last weekend I held the first Serendipity Workshop in Fitzroy, Melbourne. It was a fabulous

weekend and I think it may become a regular venue in the future. 

Here are some of the girls with their paintings.

I have now scheduled workshops through to August. 

The next Workshop is the 
Serendipity Intuitive, Mornington 14th & 15th. MAY

Taking bookings now!!

Please pop over to my website for the details


Sacred Space Workshop, The Goddess. JUNE

This is a lovely one day workshop that I have created to help connect us to our

"Inner Goddess".  Sunday 19th June . Venue: Mornington

I have also created some special stencils which will be exclusive to this workshop. For more info please

 visit my website


Be quick for this one as it is almost full already. 

In July I am back at the Fitzroy venue teaching the Beyond The Veil technique. JULY

This is where you can discover what lies under your abstract painting. The Workshop is

being held July 9th &10th.

Finally I have  decided to run a Magical Acrylics Workshop on Sunday 14th AUGUST.
"Under The Ocean" at the Mornington venue. In this workshop I will show you how to

 create an abstract background and then feature a special sea creature. Maybe a Turtle?

 Or a Dolphin? Or even some lovely fish? I also have some exciting ways to play with

For those of you who are not local to Melbourne the Serendipity E-Course will run again in

 September. We are currently working on filming the Chakra Tree of Life E-Course.

 Hopefully it should be launching by October? I will let you all know well ahead of time.

In some other exciting news I am now selling a small selection of stencils in my Shop.

 Some are exclusive top me and others are my favourites from TCW and The Stencil Girls.

Thats all for now!! 

Happy Painting!!

Love Susan xx