Thursday, 6 November 2014

November Sunshine!!

Hi Everyone,

Well here we are first week down into November! I am getting prepared 
for the last Serendipity/Intuitive for 2014, which is tomorrow November 8th.
I will then be winding down after a very busy year and resting up in preparation 
for what looks like another busy year in 2015.

Last time I posted a Blog, I was getting prepared for a stall at the Mornington 
Peninsula Healers Market. It was my first experience with this type of Market 
and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have realised that my Art is definitely created
for Healers and People who find it uplifting. The Universe certainly has a
way of guiding me and giving me inspiration to connect to Healers in general.
As I have said before, Art is a Healing Modality in its own right. Whether you
create your own painting or appreciate someone else's.

Susan Farrell Art at the Mornington Peninsula Healers Market

Serendipity/Intuitive October 11th 2014

This was an example of the gorgeous pieces painted
on the day with Lucy and Annette.
Pooraka Serendipity

Then October 25th and October 26th we were in South Australia for 
the first interstate Serendipity/Intuitive Workshops. One in Pooraka, Adelaide 
and one in Barossa Valley, Gawler. They were a great success!! 
Beautiful Souls reconnecting to their creativity and wow the 
results were spectacular!
Gawler Serendipity

So that was October 2014!! Lots on and keeping us very busy. 

Looking forward to 2015 I have a Serendipity/Intuitive Workshop 
set for Saturday January 17th in Mornington.
I still have a couple of spots left but be quick for this one as it will 
fill quite quickly. At this stage I haven't planned any more 
Serendipity dates.
In February The Chakra Tree Of Life Two Day Workshop
is just about fully booked.

Then going forward into March, I am taking registrations for the 
Queensland Serendipity/Intuitive Two day Workshop
on the 14th and 15th March. 

For more info on the workshops just go to my web page at
or email me at susanfarrellart@gmail.com

Bye for now