Friday, 31 May 2013

Blog Two


Just trying the Blog again. I am not very skilled at setting up things on the net as yet. And linking them to Facebook isn't as easy as it was with posterous. Slowly getting my head around it . The trouble is at my age I keep forgetting how I did it last time. Ha! Ha! How Old am I?

I can't believe how fast the year is going. I found out about an exciting 2 day workshop way back in January being held down here at Mount Martha in June. With the very talented Tracy Verdugo. Paint Mojo! When I first booked in it was  months away. Now it is only 2 weeks to go.
I am so excited! It will be lovely to be the student for a change. Learning lots of exciting new techniques.
Can't wait!

I have attached an image from my oracle card deck.
"Animal Voices". The element "Wood". The cards should be released by September. Stay tuned!

Bye For now!