Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Serendipity/Intuitive Workshops

Hi Everyone,

Well it has been a while since I wrote in this Blog. I can't believe the year is almost half over.
The Serendipity/Intuitive Workshops have proved to be wonderfully successful! I just love that I have discovered such a unique way to inspire creativity in others. To watch Students bloom and blossom is really amazing. People who had decided that they couldn't paint or be creative have realised that in fact they can. With no rules or expectations. Just having fun with colour and paint! Everyone can be an Artist!

Since the end of last year I have taught 6 different groups the Serendipity Workshop. Not just in my own venue either. I have also been up to Ballarat and this weekend I will be holding a Private Workshop in one of my lovely Host's own home. Looking forward, the July and September Serendipity's are fully booked. I am now taking bookings for October 11th.

Recently I have had loads of interest in an Adelaide Workshop. So we are currently taking expressions of interest for that one. With a late October date in mind. Please message me if you would like to come along. I am also taking names for potential Workshops in NSW and Queensland as well. The lists are growing.

Serendipity/Intuitive Workshop February

In other news I have scheduled the "Beyond The Veil" Workshop for the 23rd August. This Workshop is the next step beyond "Serendipity". Students who have already done the first workshop can come along with a serendipity style painting which they have done at home. I will show them how they can find what images and shapes lie beneath their paintings!

"Chakra Tree Of Life" is an example of how this can be done. You do not have to be able to draw for this workshop either!

So I will sign off now! 
Love Susan xx