Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Hi Everyone,

My last blog was back in June. I can't believe how much
has happened in three months. I have been very busy!
Just like the little bee in this painting. From my Oracle cards( Animal Voices).

June was my month for going back to being a Student.
I believe that all Tutors should be willing to learn new
and exciting techniques. We Artists are always evolving and growing. Otherwise we will become stagnant and
our art will reflect that. There are so many talented Tutors to learn from and appreciate. The Art world appears to be
going through a metamorphous at the moment. Much more freedom of expression than I have seen before.

One of the workshops I did was Paint Mojo with the lovely Tracy Verdugo. It was held down here on the Mornington Peninsula very close to home for me, at The Briars Mount Martha. I was joined by a couple of friends and we had a fabulous time. We were surrounded by other talented local artists and by the end of the weekend we had all made new friends.

Tracy introduced us to the beautiful Golden Fluid Acrylics. As we played with the first couple of layers I realised that indeed I have been painting "intuitively" all along. My backgrounds have always been done in this way and I have always had friends and family saying "we love it just like that".
Since then I have created several more paintings done just from relaxing and letting my background speak to me and let the images come out of my canvas. My students are now quite keen to create their own Intuitive paintings. I am teaching an "Intuitive/Mixed Media Workshop" on the 9th and 10th November 2013. Two days of letting go and having fun! Freedom and the removal of rules encourages artists to just let go of inhibitions and control. Challenging but once you try it, quite addictive.
For more info on this workshop you can go to my web page www.susanfarrellart.com.au

My workshops for the remainder of the year are nearly all full. We had the Chook Workshop on Sunday. Lots of quirky chooks were created! Everybody did so well!

Next month is the Koi Fish Workshop being held in Clayton. Then the Lorikeets in October and of course the Intuitive/Mixed media in November. 
For more info please visit www.susanfarrellart.com.au 
Busy times ahead!

My other news of course is the oracle cards "Animal Voices" will be out mid September. 
They are now available to pre order through my web page and paypal.
 I would be happy to personalise your Guide book. 

Bye For Now! 
Love Susan xx