Monday, 7 September 2015

Art/Creating as a form of Meditation!

Hi Everyone!

I have been teaching Art now since 2010 and I have made it my mission to enable
 everyone who would like to, to be able to create there own paintings. 
Even people who don't see themselves as "artistic". 

My rewards have been abundant! Watching souls realise that they can make something
truly beautiful is just wonderful. Just the practise of creating is so healing and therapeutic.
Once you become immersed into your painting, it ceases to be 'doing" exercise and becomes relaxing and even can feel like you have slipped into a meditative state.

Thoughts can come and go, you can slip into another dimension, losing yourself 
into your painting. I have been told by so many of my Students, that is exactly 
what happens to them as well. It has made me ponder on whether Art/Creating
 could be looked upon as another form of "Meditation"? 

I certainly believe that it is a "Healing" modality.

We all need some quiet time and we all need balance in our lives.
So if you struggle to do formal meditation, why not try
to create something? It could be just colouring in one of the wonderful
Adult colouring Books? Maybe some cross stitch? Some knitting?
Go out into the garden and plant some seedlings!
Play with paint!!

The most important thing is to relax and tune into your higher self.
Because it is when you listen to your inner knowing that
amazing things can come into your life!

Love Susan xx